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  • Essentials of Digital Health Certificate Course

    Essentials of Digital Health Certificate Course

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  • Global Digital Health Summit Access

    Global Digital Health Summit Access

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  • Health Parliament Professional+ Membership

    Health Parliament Professional+ Membership

    Actual Fee - INR 3,600
  • 12 Exclusive Live Masterclasses with Global Leaders

    12 Exclusive Live Masterclasses with Global Leaders

    Actual Fee - INR 60,000
Save INR 92,000! Just pay INR 12,000 & get access to all!

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Health Parliament

Public Health Transformation Summit 2024

Together, let's reimagine health, starting now.
  • New Delhi , India
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Are you ready to help transform public health?

Join Health Parliament's Public Health Transformation Summit 2024, the transformative dialogue convening leaders, experts, and innovators to tackle the socio-economic-technological forces shaping our future. Through bold discussions, we'll revisit, reimagine, and reform public health. Uncover insights on addressing inequities, leveraging innovation, and building resilient systems. Understand actionable strategies to transform public health, one collaborative conversation at a time.

More details coming soon.

Our Objective

Real Work . Great Leaders . Right Policies .

Based on ground-level work, we are a trusted partner for Governments and the industry, when it comes to policy ideation, gap analysis, debates, and solutions to the challenges that policy-makers and the industry face.

Our proprietary leadership development model for healthcare will create future influencers of healthcare at all levels across private and public sector from grass-root leaders to industry leaders. This will enable us to drive bottom-up change through “Real Work” – “Great Leaders” – “Right Policies.”

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Our Objective
Dr. Rajendra Pratap Gupta, PhD Founder – Health Parliament

Founder’s Message

Considering the current state of affairs in healthcare, if we reflect back, we will realize that while there are many forums that profess to impact policies and represent the industry, these forums have not been able to impact enough to make healthcare accessible, affordable, and of acceptable quality. In fact, these organizations only represent a few large corporations and their interests, not those of healthcare. Even the policymakers look at their work and inputs with skepticism.

COVID has laid bare the reality of the healthcare system, and it’s a call to action for all of us to galvanize our efforts for transforming healthcare without any further delay. This was the trigger for me to establish this multi-stakeholder convening body with a think tank – Health Parliament.

We continuously engage with leaders across sectors and regularly share our inputs with policymakers and the industry. Besides, we undertake primary and secondary research; building the world’s largest community of healthcare professionals and have developed our Proprietary Leadership Development Model (Health Parliament Fellowship) for developing the future influencers of the healthcare sector.

Since our inception, our policy papers have created an impact in India and globally. We will continue to work to transform healthcare by working together.

Dr. Rajendra Pratap Gupta, PhD
Founder – Health Parliament & Former Advisor to the Union Health Minister, Government of India.

Mission SCALE

Shri Piyush Goyal, Hon’ble Union Minister, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, officially launched Mission SCALE (Start-ups to Collaborate & Co-create, Accelerate, Leverage the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem) at the Global Digital Health Summit, Expo & Awards 2023 hosted on 1st & 2nd September 2023 at the Jio World Convention Centre, Mumbai.

Health Parliament’s Mission SCALE aims to enhance the ecosystem for start-ups, enabling them to accelerate their growth and leverage it to further the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Government of India. It will help the entrepreneurs to come together and scale up to build the world’s highest number of unicorns from India.

Health Parliament presents ‘Health Policy Notes,’ a fortnightly newsletter. This newsletter is designed to keep our online community informed about the developments in global healthcare that inevitably influence all of us and provide us with a critical perspective on the latest happenings, ensuring that we stay well-informed and empowered. Together, we will continue to foster ‘Real Work, Great Leaders, Real Policies,’ adhering to our mission for a healthier world.

Join us on this journey of #transformation and stay connected with ‘Health Policy Notes.’

Health Policy Notes
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