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The ‘1st structured Fellowship based Leadership Development Programme’ in Healthcare to fill the gap & develop the right leadership in healthcare through an institutionalized and mentoring approach.

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About Health Parliament

About us

During the course of many years, we realised that while there are many forums which profess to impact policies, but they have not been able to impact enough to make healthcare accessible, affordable and of acceptable quality. COVID has bared the reality of healthcare system and it's a call to action for all of us to galvanise our efforts for transforming healthcare without any further delay. This lead to the decision to establish this think tank - Health Parliament.

We aim to continuously engage with leaders across stake-holders and keep sharing our inputs to policy makers on a regular basis. Also, we will undertake primary and secondary research, and most importantly, we have developed our proprietary leadership development model for healthcare sector. We aim to engage, impact and improve healthcare.

About Health Parliament

Our Objective

To do real work, that is primary research to support our work in public policy. Based on ground level work, we want to be a trusted partner for Governments and the industry, when it comes to policy ideation, gap analysis, debates and solutions to the challenges policy makers and the industry face.

Objective of Health Parliament

Public Task Force For Accountable Healthcare

Health Parliament launched the Public Task Force for Accountable Healthcare on the 2nd anniversary of COVID. We believe healthcare should not be supplier-driven but demand- driven, based on care seekers’ needs. The initiative intends to make healthcare accessible, affordable, accountable and outcome-driven. Join us to drive the change.

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Public Task Force For Accountable Healthcare

"Real Work
Great Leaders
Right Policies"

We have developed a proprietary leadership development model for healthcare where we aim to create future influencers of healthcare at all levels across private and public sector from grass-root leaders to industry leaders. This will enable us to drive bottom-up change through "Real Work" - "Great Leaders" - "Right Policies."